The Concerto Cloud for Healthcare

Compromised protected health information (PHI), HIPAA compliance and security concerns, as well as integration challenges, often keep healthcare providers, payers and technology companies from embracing the cloud. Concerto Cloud Services empowers health and life sciences organizations to modernize and transform — without compromising security, privacy or service.

From cloud caution to successful adoption

  • A fully managed hybrid cloud solution uniquely designed for healthcare today
  • Delivers the healthcare industry’s highest levels of security and service
  • Meet – and even exceed – security, compliance and service requirements
  • Built-in HIPAA platform compliance that protects the application down through the physical layer

The Concerto Cloud for Healthcare

Modern Healthcare needs a modern cloud.

  • Advance a best practices IT/operations strategy
  • Work with cloud experts who understand healthcare
  • Improve the experience across the entire spectrum
  • Streamline & optimize your technology infrastructure

Get a purposefully developed healthcare hybrid cloud solution designed, deployed and fully managed that seamlessly integrates on-prem, private & public cloud applications.

What sets our cloud apart?


Built-in HIPAA compliance from the application down to the physical layer.

Concerto’s on-prem compliance template ensures all desktops comply with HIPAA at each start up.


A solution developed by industry, technical and application experts dedicated to helping healthcare professionals focus on what they do best, not IT.


A fully managed cloud experience with 24/7 support and a standard service level agreement (SLA) featuring a 99.99 percent guaranteed uptime.


We provide strict adherence to ITIL protocols, automatic failover to ensure operational continuity, advanced protection from Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks, and single sign-on and multi-factor authentication.


Seamless deployments with connectors between the Concerto private cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-prem applications.

We design the best hybrid strategy for your needs.


Our experts provide an objective assessment of your current technology infrastructure and an actionable strategy to implement a compliant, secure and well-managed cloud.

Looking for a cloud partner? Look no further.

Learn more about the Concerto Partner Network
  • Deliver innovative and reliable healthcare cloud solutions to your customers
  • Concerto Cloud for Healthcare welcomes technology partners of all kinds
  • VARs, ISVs, MSPs, technology providers and application consultants
  • Concerto Partner Network gives you a direct and competitive advantage
  • Get cloud-enabled and move your healthcare applications to the cloud
  • Get guidance and support for operations, accounting, sales and marketing

Experience first-class customer support

Premium comes standard

We deliver a 99.99% guaranteed uptime for applications and the seamless integration of multiple clouds into a single, fully managed solution.

Unlike cloud providers who nickel-and-dime customers, we deliver a complete “first-class” customer experience. Expect nothing short of a secure, reliable and integrated cloud solution with predictable costs and outstanding service.

Get to know Concerto: This is your cloud

As a top-tier, national cloud services provider, we deliver fully managed cloud solutions for the most complex demands and toughest regulatory and security challenges.