Premium Plus Storage

Enterprise Power For High Volume And Intense Workloads

More Compute Power For The Most Intense Workloads

Concerto’s Premium Plus Storage (PPS) offers a solution for high volume and intense transactional processing applications and is ideal for enterprise customers seeking greater compute power, data efficiencies and superior availability. PPS includes higher levels of storage and IOPS, built on a pure solid state or flash drives.

Key capabilities
  • Less than 1ms of latency
  • Greater than 100k IOPS
  • Pure SSD or Flash storage
Use Cases
  • High transaction volume – between 100K and 1M transactions per minute
  • Consumer-facing production workloads with transactional processing
  • Solving for existing performance challenges
  • Requirement for intense reporting requirements
  • Low recovery time tied to a Disaster Recovery offering
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) requirements

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