Microsoft Windows Azure

A powerful platform for hybrid and public clouds

Why Microsoft Azure for hybrid deployments?

Windows Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform that supports a growing number of compute, storage, data, networking and app usage that helps organizations move faster, do more and save money. What’s more, it’s an enterprise tested public cloud that supports hybrid readiness with BizTalk connections and other tools that don’t require custom code. This delivers a hybrid-ready solution that doesn’t lock in customers.

Concerto Cloud Services delivers hybrid cloud platforms based on Microsoft Azure to provide a cost-effective, open and flexible cloud infrastructure for less complex production environments. This powerful, public cloud platform is recommended for solutions such as web front-end applications, cloud storage, software development and testing environments, disaster recovery – and more.

Microsoft Azure-based environments feature:

  • A rich application platform with automatic operation system and service patching, built in network load balancing, round-the-clock service health monitoring and geo-redundant storage –plus a 99.95% uptime service level agreement.
  • An adaptable application model that allows deployment of applications developed in .NET, PHP, JAVA, node.ja, Python, Ruby or using open REST protocols. This allows flexibility to deliver strong infrastructure without irrevocably locking-in an application to a specific platform.
  • Hybrid-ready connections that support the connection to Azure Websites or Azure Mobile Services to any on-premise TCP or HTTP resource—such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL or any web service—with just a few configuration changes and without using any custom code.
  • Global reach with data centers around the world that make it easy to provide the best experience for users wherever they are.

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