Third Party and Proprietary Software

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Gartner estimates that 80% of IT resources are spent on maintenance, not adding new value. Third party, custom-developed and proprietary software requires an even stronger focus on maintenance and ensuring integrations work efficiently with related applications. Concerto can help you transform your software into a seamless, cloud-based platform. With Concerto Cloud, you can stop the endless maintenance cycle, focus on developing next versions and offer your customers extended functionality.

Concerto has built a strong reputation and track record for helping software providers and channel partners transform their third party and proprietary applications into cloud-based offerings. From custom-developed software to third party integrations, our team specializes in ensuring that your applications are hosted in the right environment to deliver optimal performance, security and reliability.

Benefits include:

  • Reliability – Your solution is deployed in an infrastructure specifically designed for your application requirements. Both Concerto public and private cloud deployments are backed by high uptime SLAs.
  • Application Performance Monitoring – We perform proactive monitoring and maintenance on the performance of your infrastructure, which means you can rely on your application to be readily available.
  • Failover and Redundancy – Our services go beyond regular backups. Concerto clouds feature fully redundant systems so that you can failover to a different data center should disasters arise, as well as aggressive RTO (recovery time) and RPO (recovery point) times.
  • Ultimate Control - We manage the cloud while giving you control over your deployment, environment, upgrades and support, including access to our 24/7/365 service portal.
  • Pure Quality - Concerto ensures the highest quality and standards for our cloud environments, with strict adherence to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards, including ITIL certification for every team member.

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