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Thinking of relationship management in a new way? In addition to sales and marketing, more organizations are using CRM in the cloud as a platform to develop innovative industry-specific solutions. From managing patient care to recruitment and vendor networks, CRM in the Concerto cloud gives you the control and the platform to make CRM yours.

Concerto Cloud Services provides private and hybrid cloud environments for organizations wanting a robust platform for their CRM application without the limitations of standardized SaaS offerings. Our cloud services for CRM are provisioned specifically for your application, and Concerto’s team of experts can manage any customizations or unique needs that you can throw at it. What’s more, you are in control of your solution and your timeframes. There are no forced upgrades, so you can innovate when you are ready.

Concerto Cloud features include:

  • Higher security for sensitive data – Beyond adherence to stringent compliance procedures, our customized security services enable you to meet specific industry and regulatory requirements.
  • Flexibility for Customizations & Integrations – Concerto offers the ability to tailor your application to meet your organization’s unique needs, control when you upgrade and seamlessly integrate with other public cloud and on-premise solutions.
  • Stronger Performance – Concerto fine-tunes each cloud environment for maximum performance in computing pods that include elasticity to meet increased demand as needed. Plus, there are no surprise overages with this feature.
  • Failover and Redundancy – Our services go beyond regular backups. Concerto clouds feature fully redundant systems so that you can failover to a different data center should disasters arise, as well as aggressive RTO (recovery time) and RPO (recovery point) times.
  • Ultimate Control - We manage the cloud while giving you control over your deployment, environment, upgrades and support, including access to our 24/7/365 service portal.
  • Pure Quality - Concerto ensures the highest quality and standards for our cloud environments, with strict adherence to ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) standards, including ITIL certification for every team member.
  • Support and Uptime – Both our private and hybrid clouds come with a high uptime SLA and 24/7 technical and infrastructure support.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Experience Makes all the Difference.

Concerto was founded to provide innovative cloud solutions for Microsoft Dynamics customers and is recognized as Microsoft’s go-to provider for cloud-enabling customized Microsoft CRM as well as third-party ISV solutions. Find out how Concerto’s experience makes the difference for Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud.

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