Rocket to new heights with your public cloud platforms

Both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer world-class toolsets and resources and are recognized as part of the world’s leading public cloud platforms. Yet, they still require a great deal of resources, effort and expertise to get the most out of them. Concerto Cloud Services provides the ability for you to have your most optimized cloud platform for your business – with best in class deployment and management services. Providing the opportunity to take advantage of a cost-effective, open and flexible environment to sky rocket your business in the cloud.

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  • Azure Launch Funds to cover the first 90 days and then some.
  • Windows & SQL 08 Extensions to give you more time to transform.
  • Azure Overspend Reduction to help you get control of escalating cloud invoices.

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Concerto Delivers

  • Deployment and migration services designed to speed the success of Azure and AWS environments
  • Ongoing management focused on controlling costs, increasing performance and security
  • Integration with Concerto private cloud and on-prem solutions
  • Tier 1 support for Microsoft Azure
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Two Tales About the Complexities of Azure and Amazon Clouds

We've seen it many times first hand. An organization chooses one of the leading public cloud platforms and run into unpredictable billing, underwhelming performance, outages, or security concerns.  

First, an AWS story. Company X launches its new cloud-based application across global markets. The launch goes well and demand grows. But so do the cloud bills, from a $20k bill for November consumption to $58k for December. By January, the serving costs soared to the $70s. For February, they received a $98,000 monster bill resulting in negative profit margins.

Concerto’s team stepped in to help, rewiring Company X to eliminate unnecessary instances and server sprawl. We reduced their costs by half and made those costs predictable.

Story #2 is about Company Y, an upper mid-market organization that deployed a new healthcare ERP solution on Microsoft Azure. They experienced nothing short of terrible performance and reliability issues. Unable to determine if the problems stemmed from the application or the platform, they contemplated pulling the plug on the entire system.

In the case of Company Y, our team ended up configuring a hybrid solution that combined Azure’s scale and power with the security and compliance capabilities of our private cloud platform. Company Y’s new healthcare ERP finally works—and flawlessly.

The moral of these two stories? By all means, embrace cloud services for all the benefits you’ve heard. But do not underestimate the complexity of the public cloud and the skills needed to gain its benefits.

Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid?

Ultimately, it’s a multi-cloud world. Multi-tenant platforms such as Azure and AWS have taken the world by storm for their ability to provide powerful computing power. So which platform is best? 

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