Bring IT all together into your cloud

Multiple business needs often call for multi-cloud management. Get the best of all worlds with a true hybrid cloud solution informed by a holistic IT strategy. A Concerto Cloud Services hybrid solution can deliver the services and integration you need to handle demand, secure your proprietary data, keep costs down and tie it all together. Our experts specialize in complex integrations that elegantly connect all your applications – public, private and on-prem – into one hybrid solution.

Hybrid clouds empower you to

  • Deploy mission-critical applications
  • Meet security/compliance requirements
  • Leverage public clouds to provide scale
  • Reduce and control costs

Concerto makes Hybrid Clouds easy

  • Direct connections from Concerto’s Virtual Private Cloud to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Complete infrastructure management
  • Seamless connections to on-prem and cloud-based applications
  • Migration and development services to efficiently build your hybrid cloud

Leverage best-in-class platforms



Concerto's hybrid clouds deliver:


Deploy an integrated cloud that offers you the most choice of best-in-class technologies developed by Concerto, Microsoft, Cisco, AWS and others.


Use the cloud to boost competitiveness, expand your services, improve your customer experience and unlock your potential. 


Bring your multi-cloud environment together into one, managed solution combining the best of on-prem, private and public environments.


Avoid getting bogged down by managing technology or waiting on internal IT teams – make your move to the cloud, swiftly and seamlessly.

Security & Compliance

Protect and control regulated and sensitive data in Concerto’s virtual private cloud, while taking advantage of the computing power of other popular cloud platforms.

Hybrid Powered:

Leading Automobile Manufacturer

When a division of a large multi-national automobile manufacturer wanted to move their applications to the cloud, they were almost ready to launch their public-cloud plan. Their needs seemed simple: follow a company directive to move their applications to a well-known public cloud platform.

That is until discussing the move with the Corporate Security Officer made it clear: the public cloud solution did not provide the specific security infrastructure required for industry compliance. When Concerto Cloud Services was brought in to assess the transition, issues with the all public cloud plan became quickly apparent.

Many public cloud providers are seen in the marketplace as a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s true that they have extensive tools and infrastructure, and serve an enormous range of customers. But a public cloud alone doesn’t fit every business scenario.

Our manufacturer in this story started down a public cloud path, but a holistic view of the security needed for industry compliance led to a different solution than the organization initially thought. The company’s CSO pre-emptively determined that managing the security risks and compliance requirements dictated a solution where security was much more controlled than in the public cloud.

Concerto’s experts designed a hybrid solution that provided the appropriate security for their applications and data that required it. They ensured that all of the data would go through a security infrastructure hosted on Concerto’s private cloud before the data was passed through a direct connection to the public cloud, satisfying the constraints the company’s security requirements.

Concerto’s expertise and experience with hybrid cloud solutions helped ensure that the company put the right solution in place—not an off-the-rack solution, but one tailored specifically to fit their needs.