The cloud of choice for criminal justice agencies

Understanding CJIS compliance is one thing; implementing it is another.

Organizations can hire IT consultants, build the needed infrastructure, and devote entire teams to CJIS compliance…

OR choose a cloud services provider specializing in providing and managing secure, CJIS-compliant platforms.

Trust Concerto Cloud Services for

Fully-managed infrastructure and cloud platforms
Protecting sensitive information and meeting the specific requirements of CJIS
Mission-critical applications for federal, state, criminal justice and government
Dozens of technical and process checkpoints
Industry best practices specific to criminal justice organizations

CJIS security requirements include:

  • Limiting login attempts by a user to prevent unauthorized access
  • Event logging for a variety of login activities, including password changes
  • Weekly audit reviews
  • Active account management moderation
  • Session locking after periods of inactivity
  • Access restriction based on physical location, job assignment, time of day and network address