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Why is ITIL Important?

The majority of breaches and system failures are sourced to technical changes made over time in the infrastructure. This makes ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) a vital protocol in your security measures. ITIL is a framework of practical procedures for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services. As the most widely adopted approach for IT service management in the world, ITIL is critical for establishing integration with your organization's strategy, maintaining a level of competency and compliance – and measuring system improvements.

At Concerto, our security best practices are built on a foundation of strict adherence to ITIL protocols. Every technical team member undergoes extensive training on these protocols. Why is this critical?  As time goes on, your organization may require changes in your environment, capacity or solution. And technical changes are the main source of chains of error that cause security breaches or system failures. Concerto’s protocols help protect our customers by creating a process for managing changes, including an experienced committee of veteran IT specialists that review every technical change on a customer’s environment.

Concerto Cloud’s change management process includes:

  • Procedures that document, classify and prioritize customer requests
  • A documented plan and review of changes with a focus on impact, risk and benefits
  • An approval process that includes a peer review committee, customer approval and an overseeing cabinet of veteran technical specialists that provides final approval on technical changes
  • Thorough testing on any technical change before it is implemented
  • Close monitoring for performance and precise documentation of any change into the customer’s environment records

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