Disaster Prevention

Go Beyond Typical Recovery and Backups

We Over-prepare for the Unexpected.

Many organizations have disaster recovery and data backup plans that serve to recover lost data after a catastrophic event. Unfortunately, many of these plans and the backups themselves aren’t routinely tested. Our disaster prevention model goes beyond industry standards with fully redundant systems, routine testing, data snapshots and automatic failover when challenges do arise – so that system disasters are avoided altogether.

Concerto Cloud Services private cloud solutions feature a comprehensive plan that prevents disasters and other issues from affecting the performance of your mission-critical applications. This lowers your organization’s risk by ensuring that – regardless of the circumstance – systems remain operational and data is retained. Our private cloud solutions are delivered with:

  • Geographic diversity with backups replicated to secondary and tertiary Concerto remote data centers
  • Customizable RTO/ RPO with aggressive timeframes as low as 15 minutes.
  • Customizable backup retention
  • Standard operating procedures that maintain two local copies of all backups

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