Managed Security for U.S. Munitions Goods Suppliers

About ITAR Compliance

Critical for manufacturers, exporters and brokers of goods or services covered under the United States Munitions List (USML), ITAR restricts information that can be accessed by non-US citizens. It also controls access to specific types of technology and associated data in order to prevent the disclosure or transfer of sensitive information to foreign nationals.

The Mark of Trust for ITAR Compliance

As more companies mandate that members of their supply chain adhere to ITAR compliance, ensuring that your technical infrastructure and service providers meet these established qualifications is imperative. ITAR is necessary for individuals working for the Department of Defense and in other military data handling positions, but is also often required for other public sector applications.

Concerto Cloud Services is certified to provide ITAR compliant cloud environments. Not only do we provide managed environments with all the technical security needed for ITAR compliance, but our comprehensive processes ensure no unauthorized access to your systems. These processes include thorough background checks on Concerto Cloud team members as well as the alignment of specific teams to access and manage environments related to our ITAR compliant customers.

Public sector organizations often also require FIPS 140-2 compliance for encrypting federal government data. For more information on this related compliance standard, click here.

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