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Can’t make a scheduled webinar or missed a recent event? That’s okay. Get up to speed with our On-demand Webinars. Select a topic and view on your own time.

  • Cisco Partner Spotlight: Partnering with Concerto Cloud Services

    Duration: 21:16

    This webcast recording shines a spotlight on Concerto Cloud Services and the cloud solutions we provide that help partners provide a quality, consistent cloud experience to your customers.

  • Dynamics 365 and the Delta Outage: Lessons on the Application Experience

    Duration: 34:24

    During this webcast, Chief Cloud Officer Greg Pierce discusses insights into delivering a seamless IT and application experience. Based on his experience through both Delta outages, these lessons are universal to application providers, business and IT leaders alike.

  • Three Things You Shouldn't Do When Building a Cloud Financial Model

    Duration: 28:10

    To be successful in the Cloud it is essential that your Cloud Financial Model is built to support the business today and is scalable for the future. It requires a changed approach to the traditional model of software and services sales.

  • Selling A Mission Critical Cloud to your Customers - Powered by Concerto

    Duration: 32:12

    Beating your competition in the cloud takes some break through thinking! At the end of the day, you are selling to a customer a solution – which is generally centered around a mission critical application for their business.

  • Best Practice in Bringing Your Application into the Cloud

    Duration: 33.18

    Application providers are being challenged every day to revolutionize the world by creating applications that solve ‘real world’ business problems. In the past, on-premise deployments were the norm - however that’s no longer the only option your customers are seeking out.

  • Top Five Things to Know When Selecting a Cloud Partner

    Duration: 29:30

    Alone we do so little. Together we can do so much. In general organizations want to do business with other organizations they trust and can rely on. And in the cloud world, the ability to align on a partnership that is centralized around the customer is key.

  • Time to Innovate: Accelerating Beyond Your Traditional Business to the Cloud

    Duration: 35:43

    As customer demands for cloud services increases, companies will see a shift from traditional buying patterns to new questions, concerns and strategies around movement to the cloud. What are you doing today that will set you up for success in the cloud tomorrow?

  • Top Ten Winning Strategies to Partnership in the Cloud

    Duration: 33:08

    As the demand for cloud services increases, so do the number of self-proclaimed cloud partners. Asking the right questions up front in the partnership, will enable both parties to drive the positive results you’re looking for

  • Managing IT in the Hybrid Cloud Era

    Jun 13, 2016

    Duration: 52:39

    Rarely have IT organizations been challenged with so many disruptive changes at one time. Increasing use of cloud services, the expanding need for cloud to on-premises integration, and the accelerating use of social and mobile applications demand the answer to a new question...

  • Selling In A Cloud World: What Consulting Partners & ISVs Need To Know

    Apr 18, 2016

    As a consulting partner or software provider, deploying in a cloud world means there's more to creating a happy customer than "what" the solution will be. There's also the "how". And the "how" has many more intricacies than in the past.

  • Driving Partner Success in the Cloud (The Concerto Partner Network)

    Mar 10, 2016

    Duration: 00:39:53

    Spend 30 minutes learning about the Concerto Cloud Partner Network, the services included, and our philosophy on successful partnership.

  • How Does Concerto Cloud Services Compare?

    Mar 04, 2016

    Duration: 00:30:00

    Take 30 minutes to dive into the details of our ‘premium comes standard’ cloud offerings, as compared to other providers.

  • Cloud Decision Factors: Azure vs Private Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics

    Dec 21, 2015

    Duration: 00:32:08

    Virtual private cloud, Azure-based cloud, SaaS public clouds, build it yourself cloud, fully-managed cloud... If you find the cloud options for Microsoft Dynamics confusing, then this is the webcast for you.

  • Three Ways Hybrid Cloud Improves Patient Care and Costs

    Nov 05, 2015

    Duration: 57:32

    Microsoft and Concerto Cloud Services combine to discuss three major areas where cloud offerings drive data security and innovation for healthcare organizations and what you should know before choosing your next cloud provider.

  • Which Cloud is Right for Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

    Sep 16, 2015

    Duration: 34:26

    Microsoft CRM’s robust offering provides several different deployment options, including on-premise, private and public cloud (Microsoft CRM Online) based services. In turn, it also provides the ability to quickly move between these options based on current business and infrastructure needs. As many organizations are taking advantage of this powerful benefit in moving toward cloud-based deployments, it is critical to understand all of the relevant advantages and considerations across each option. Recent changes in Microsoft CRM Online pricing make this public-cloud option attractive. Yet, there are factors that can increase your total cost of ownership should your requirements change in the future. A good understanding of the different cloud options for the application and the varying level of control available with each option can support a solid long-term deployment plan.

  • How Much Does It Cost for Dynamics in the Cloud

    Aug 17, 2015

    Duration: 41:11

    Watch this webcast where cloud solutions expert Rob Curls will spend time accurately modeling the cost options of moving Dynamics GP, SL, NAV, AX or CRM into the Cloud. We will cover the key decision points to consider across public cloud, virtual private cloud, as well as the handling of specialized features such as advanced security for regulatory compliance.

  • The Cloud and the Dynamics Channel: How Dynamics ISVs and Partners Can Transform Their Existing Channel

    May 26, 2015

    Duration: 28:03

    Download this webcast to learn both the technical and strategic objectives that ISVs are undertaking to meet customer demands with cloud-enabled solutions. Here, you'll learn how to: •Leverage your existing channel with new cloud-enabled solutions •Technical considerations for cloud-enabling current solutions into products that will stand the development test of time •How the right a Cloud Services Provider (CSP) can ease the burden of delivering compliant solutions such as PCI, HIPAA, ITAR and more. •Address the hybrid cloud phenomenon - how a CSP can enhance your existing cloud offerings, even if you already operate your own cloud

  • ERP in the time of Breaches: Five Best Practices for Data Security, Governance, and Risk Management

    Apr 29, 2015

    Duration: 39:22

    The news is full of stories about data security breaches, hacks, and spying. But if you think that data breaches only happen to the big guys, think again. Risk is everywhere, accountability is uncertain, and liability is not well defined. Worse yet, every breach can be attributed to one single commonality (and it’s not what you might think). Download this webcast to learn the keys to protecting your organization’s financial, payroll, ERP and other sensitive data. Our IT and infrastructure security expert will open your eyes to concepts that every executive should understand in order to maintain a holistic security posture for your organization, including: •The most prevalent breach scenarios, their common link, and why they can happen to any organization, of any type, and any size •Classic IT conundrums and how to deal with them •Five best practices to data security, governance, and risk management •Key questions to ask your current or potential cloud provider

  • Sky's the Limit: Microsoft Azure and the Channel Are Prime for Take-Off

    Feb 24, 2015

    Duration: 55:26

    For resellers and solution providers, the challenges of delivering SaaS offerings are numerous. Yet, the opportunity is tremendous. According to most forecasts, cloud service revenues will top $100 billion in 2014. Our recent webcast "The Sky's the Limit: Microsoft Azure and the Channel are Prime for Take-off" from Concerto Cloud Services and The Channel Company discusses the complexity of building out cloud offerings, and how to go beyond technical criteria to evaluate partners and platforms that build success and help maintain the trust and goodwill of your valued customers. Download this webcast to: Learn why now is the best time to leverage Microsoft‘s platform and the channel for growth opportunities. Learn more about the different types of cloud platforms, the various services that are emerging from each, and where resellers can gain value. Get better insight into what resellers and solution providers should look for (and insist on) when selecting partners for cloud services. Learn why you don’t have to compete with cloud platform giants like Amazon and Microsoft. Understand more about how the right partner platform can deliver higher levels of customer service and increase loyalty.

  • Amazon, Azure, & Private Cloud: Decision Factors for Deploying Mission-Critical Apps in the Cloud

    Feb 25, 2015

    Duration: 52:49

    According to most forecasts, cloud service revenues will overtake on-premise revenues this year. For resellers and solution providers (as well as their customers), choosing the right cloud platform is critical for success on all levels – from speed to market, software development, technical capabilities, and much more. Yet, when comparing the major cloud players, Azure, Amazon, and Private Cloud providers, choosing a platform can be tough. There are pros and cons to each. Watch this webcast, and learn the right decision factors for your cloud and application delivery model. In less than one hour, cloud pioneer Greg Pierce, along with Microsoft technology expert Ewan Dalton will help you compare the strategic advantages of Azure, Amazon, and Private Cloud, and how to get on the fast-track to delivering quality, strategic cloud offerings to your customers, including: Why public clouds are a safe place to deploy many workloads and store data When and why a hybrid approach makes the most sense for application delivery Microsoft Azure’s biggest strategic advantage (it’s not what you might think) How to combine technologies and roadmap the right application delivery model for today as well as flexibility for the future They've helped hundreds of organizations and their customers find the right cloud.

  • The Cloud Changes Everything...Except Security

    Dec 03, 2014

    Duration: 46:25

    The news is filled with stories about data security breaches, hacks, and spying. Risk is everywhere, accountability is uncertain, and liability is not well defined. So how to you ensure data security and regulatory compliance in the cloud? How do you evaluate seemingly small differences in cloud offerings?

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