The Off-Premise Revolution: Tech Leaders Prepare for a Cloud-Heavy 2015

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The Off-Premise Revolution: Tech Leaders Prepare for a Cloud-Heavy 2015
It's that time of year again - evaluative roundups, reviews and predictive forecasts fall upon the IT sector like snowflakes on a quiet country plain. With 2015 upon us, business leaders across sectors are eagerly awaiting what top analysts are envisioning for the next 12 months with regard to developments in the tech department, primarily the direction of big-ticket trends such as cloud computing. Cloud Tech recently pointed to Forrester's "Predictions 2015: The Days of Fighting the Cloud Are Over", which offered some key insights into the off-premise revolution

Surrendering to Cloud Trends

Between skyrocketing adoption rates and market growth across the cloud's many variations and domains, decision-makers and service providers alike appear to be embracing the trend with open arms - or at least prepping their digital assets to make the move. Forrester's report highlighted a pivotal mindset shift hinted at in the title, revealing that reservations regarding the cloud have largely been set aside as more services prove advantageous for a diverse range of industries. 

Leading the way in terms of cloud applications and storage opportunities is Microsoft, which according to Cloud Tech has lived up to its cloud-first mentality with a host of new initiatives, cloud enablement and training for the partner channel, and heavy marketing of solutions such as Microsoft Azure, further reflecting an overall shift in the world of enterprise IT. 

"Under Nadella's new mandates, its development teams are focused on driving innovation into the cloud versions of its properties first, and its sales engines are all rewarded for pushing as much cloud into each enterprise license agreement as possible," Dave Bartoletti, infrastructure and operations analyst at Forrester, told the news provider.

Maturation is Inevitable

The dynamic nature of the cloud has also contributed to its widespread growth, especially as hybrid deployments continue to gain popularity. This approach, which connects and integrates the best of  private clouds, public clouds, and on premise systems, has been a powerful motivator for even the most cloud-averse business leaders.

"In 2014, cloud entered the formal IT portfolio, and technology managers stopped treating cloud as competition," Bartoletti continued, as quoted by the source. 

While cloud-based resources may not be slated to surpass the overall volume of legacy assets across the IT landscape, the cloud's growth and development are undoubtedly firming up its position tech footprints everywhere. I urge executives across industries to make the most of the cloud in 2015, and prepare their organizations for a future built on this powerful technology.

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