Deliver a seamless solution for Microsoft Dynamics and other mission-critical applications.

We at Concerto Cloud Services are obsessed with the ability to deliver the best customer experience.  This obsession has been built on delivering services to thousands of customers and partners within the Dynamics partner ecosystem - and with decades of Dynamics experience, we understand the VAR journey and what it takes for you to deliver in the cloud.  

Concerto is the cloud partner of choice for top solution providers and VARs in the channel, including InnerCircle and award-winning solution providers in their own right. Why? Because Concerto is a difference maker to your offerings - designed to give your customers the power of choice, with award-winning private and hybrid platforms for Microsoft Dynamics and related applications, that allow you to deliver solutions that were simply not feasible in the past. In addition to an outstanding technical and fully-compliant platform in the cloud, Concerto offers integration with your own support and delivery model, along with best practices and step-by-step guidance that help you deliver powerful and differentiated solutions to your customers.

Premium Comes Standard.

With Concerto Cloud Services, you can provide your customers an offering that encompasses all the needs of a mission-critical application, without the complexity of al la carte pricing or technical management of specialized needs. Our standard offering includes:

More uptime

Our standard service level agreement (SLA) offers a non-differentiated “four nine’s” uptime of 99.99%+ – meaning that the guarantee is all inclusive. If any layer (application layer, platform layer, web access) of our service is down, you (or your customer) will automatically be notified and receive money back – no request-form necessary.

More integration

Highly customized environments, multiple add-on solutions, or integration with legacy on-premise solutions are no challenge here. Our private cloud offers the ability to create high speed, low latency private connections between public cloud platforms and infrastructure that resides on premise or in a co-location facility. This true hybrid model opens up a world of options for Dynamics and customers with mission-critical applications. 

And for Dynamics partners, whether providing their own solutions or going through the development phases of a customized environment, our ability to provide test/development platforms and seamlessly move workloads into production helps provide a seamless experience, both for the application partner and the customer.

More Value

Each Concerto environment is built to flex up as computing demands increase, without overage or additional charges, including failover. This allows you to offer your customers predictable, flat billing amounts at a competitive price, with all the security and disaster prevention needed for mission-critical applications.

In addition, our pre-developed security protocols and certifications streamline the process of building and maintaining a compliant platform, which adds value and security to your offerings. Concerto can meet regulatory compliance needs including SOC1, SOC2, SOX, HIPAA, FIPS 140-2, PCI, CJIS, ITAR, and Safe Harbor.

More Possibilities

Concerto offers competitive margins, quick response, and partnering options to fit any business model  - including Referral, Private Label or “Powered By” programs. Our partner program features a strong partner ecosystem and a robust set of enablement tools that help drive profitability and tangible financial gains. Combined with our ability to meet a wide range of customer and regulatory compliance needs, the possibilities are endless.

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