Managing IT in the Hybrid Cloud Era

Rarely have IT organizations been challenged with so many disruptive changes at one time. Increasing use of cloud services, the expanding need for cloud to on-premises integration, and the accelerating use of social and mobile applications demand the answer to a new question – how does all this effect how IT manages its infrastructure to best support the business.

Cloud computing and all its instantiations (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS) must now be reconciled with on-premises IT applications and managed within the context of an enterprise's business strategy, processes and operations.

In this webinar 451 Research analyst Carl Lehmann and Concerto's Chief Cloud Officer Greg Pierce will address:

  • What makes hybrid cloud architecture different from traditional IT infrastructure and why it matters
  • The business and technical issues associated with IT management in hybrid cloud era
  • How to craft a reference architecture to guide investment strategy for hybrid IT
  • Duration: 52:39