ERP in the time of Breaches: Five Best Practices for Data Security, Governance, and Risk Management

The news is full of stories about data security breaches, hacks, and spying. But if you think that data breaches only happen to the big guys, think again. Risk is everywhere, accountability is uncertain, and liability is not well defined. Worse yet, every breach can be attributed to one single commonality (and it’s not what you might think).

Download this webcast to learn the keys to protecting your organization’s financial, payroll, ERP and other sensitive data. Our IT and infrastructure security expert will open your eyes to concepts that every executive should understand in order to maintain a holistic security posture for your organization, including:

  • The most prevalent breach scenarios, their common link, and why they can happen to any organization, of any type, and any size
  • Classic IT conundrums and how to deal with them
  • Five best practices to data security, governance, and risk management
  • Key questions to ask your current or potential cloud provider
  • Duration: 39:22