Cloud Decision Factors: Azure vs Private Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics

Virtual private cloud, Azure-based cloud, SaaS public clouds, build it yourself cloud, fully-managed cloud... If you find the cloud options for Microsoft Dynamics confusing, then this is the webcast for you.

Choosing the right platform is critical for success on all levels - from data security, uptime, speed of deployment, to support, upgrades and customizations. And as more partners add cloud options to their offerings, it's critical to understand what's under the hood of their offering as well. Will it integrate? Will I run into issues that increase my cost? Who will support me through this journey?

Cloud and infrastructure expert Rob Curls  compares the two dominant cloud models for Microsoft Dynamics, Azure and private cloud, and the key decision factors for each. You'll leave with a good understanding of :

  • How Azure and Private Cloud Compare
    Service Level Agreements and its impact on your cloud choice
  • Levels of security and customization control available with each
  • Other decision factors for supporting a solid long-term cloud deployment plan
  • Duration: 00:32:08