With an almost 50-year history of providing software solutions, Cincom was looking for reliability, quality, and integration capabilities when they went looking at cloud solutions. Customer demand for cloud-based solutions was growing, and after both managing a cloud in their own data centers and working with other cloud providers, they found a partner in Concerto.

Cincom has been adapting to a growing demand for cloud solutions, but at the heart of all of their efforts is providing an excellent experience and support.

Randy Saunders, Program Director for Cincom, explains: "When we first started going to the cloud we tried to be very flexible with what our customers want. We don’t just sell a standard product. A lot of times there’s integration with it, whether that be another cloud application or on-prem. Some customers want to bring their own cloud, and we try to support that."

Cincom started working with Concerto when a customer wanted to move their CPQ product to the Concerto Cloud along with their CRM system. They quickly realized that the hybrid cloud and integration capabilities of Concerto was a good fit for the quality they deliver their customers.

"The product we work with Concerto on is called CPQ, which is a configure price quote product. It is for customers who have a lot of complexity and variations in their products. They can have integrations with many systems. It can be complex to implement in the cloud. When we started working with Concerto, we realized they understood business applications and were a great fit for us in terms of quality service, integration points, and the way we serve our customers."

With customer relationships that are decades long, it was important that they could present their new cloud-based solution confidently. Cincom joined Concerto’s partner program and made the choice to focus on the applications over cloud management.

"We acquired and started working with our first SaaS product in 2004," says Saunders. "We’ve been in the cloud game since that time. We tried to do everything ourselves. It was a multi-tenant solution, we ran it in our own data center. And we went through all the pains of that. We’ve made the decision now to work with someone else to take care of the cloud things for us, so that we can focus on the applications. Because that’s what we are really best at."