eBook: BREACHES and the BOARDROOM - Lessons Learned in Cybersecurity


Today’s CEOs have a tremendous responsibility to their employees, customers, shareholders and the greater community. In addition to these responsibilities are the complexities of today’s business environment including a technologically savvy workforce and a global internet in which to share information. It is becoming a nearly daily occurrence to hear of the latest data security breaches and the significant repercussions to the businesses or government organizations that such breaches create.

This ebook provides several key insights that can better prepare your organization for mitigating security breaches:

  • Real life examples of data breaches and the lessons that can be learned from these experiences
  • Current statistics on CEO and Board of Directors involvement in information protection
  • Important security considerations and questions to ask
  • Additional questions to consider as a C-level (or any executive who has responsibility for security or for data protection)
  • How to determine the best cloud provider for your business relative to the consideration of security
  • Recommendations on how to safeguard your enterprise


Despite how often we hear stories of failed cybersecurity in the news, the reality is that remarkably few organizations have the proper processes or plans in place to protect themselves against a data breach. Consultants on the front lines of data security often advise that CEOs and Boards of Directors take a hard line approach to data breach preparedness: “The question is not whether your company will be the target of a data breach, but rather when?” And yet, research indicates that only 40 percent of CEOs have even discussed the issue or possibilities of a data breach. Significantly, more than half of companies today do not deal with this issue at the boardroom level.

A study from PwC on managing cyber risks indicates that cybersecurity has a significant impact on shareholder value. Based on the data in the study, cybersecurity is not currently being elevated to a Board-level issue in most cases.  The top areas include overall security strategy, security budget and security policies. The fewest are participating in security roles and responsibilities. Further, a key finding in the IBM sponsored study points to an important fact: when Boards of Directors play more active roles in the case of data breach, this can reduce the overall costs to the organization. 
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