Lead with Purpose: Key Values for a Successful Channel Partnership

This past week, our entire company gathered for a few days to acknowledge and celebrate our wins and recognize heroes for the year – as well as to continue to reaffirm our key strategies to continue to service customers and partners in the best way possible.

Albeit this was an internal meeting – the themes that progressed through the agenda are very relevant to partnership and the channel we operate within.  With the overall theme to ‘lead with purpose,’ I am reminded of our amazing partner relationships that we have had the honor of being part of over the past couple of years – and the key attributes that have enabled that success.  

The ability to describe the purpose of a partnership and to have teams across both organizations connected to that purposeful mission – is not only a defining thought for our internal event.  It is something we ascribe to every new partner in the Concerto Partner Network.

Here are a few other sub themes that came to light this past week relevant to the true build of a trusted business partnership:

Aligned Values

So often the simplicity of a successful partnership is grounded in alignment.  However often that conversation will begin with compensation of sales teams, executive sponsorship or product alignment.   If there’s one key lesson that I internalized this past week, was that alignment around core values takes priority to all of the others.  The ‘way’ an organization does business with another. Taking the time to investigate the core values of the business and how they’re put into regular practice is worth every minute prior to getting into other levels of alignment.

Committed but Flexible

Specifically in the cloud world, a partnership strategy requires some tender loving care to get to a steady state.  However within that evolution – partnership needs to bend and curve at times to enable the flexibility to change things up.   Do not mistake that for continuing to drive the business with true purpose – however the path itself may end up looking a little different. Which is ok.  If there’s one observation I’ve personally seen within partnership, is that you start the partnership with your respective best feet forward – but that foot sometimes has to step slightly to the left or the right, while business needs to be done by both parties.  If you continue to ground yourself in the aligned values, this flexibility will contribute to longer term success.


If a company is purposeful in its leadership, clear in direction and practicing these values each and every day – then providing transparency should be a natural action.  The only way to build the trust between to partnered organization is to be able to treat that partner like you are running a joint leadership team together. The ability to deliver the reality of current status, and know that the partner is there to support and make you successful truly embodies the concept of ‘lead with purpose.’

It certainly was a very thought provoking few days for me, that served the benefit of not just thinking about Concerto Cloud Services and how we purposefully lead – but how we extend that out to and with our partners.