Three Key Resolutions for the Cloud in 2016

Most of us are thinking about what we’re going to change, evolve and make better for next year: a new diet plan, exercise choices or a commitment to read more books.  The move to a new calendar year represents a time to reflect and focus on some new resolutions.

The world of cloud accelerated at a fast rate in 2015.  Subscription and consumption types of models have become pretty standard choices across technology applications.  Everywhere you turn, technology organizations are now ‘in the cloud.’  And customers are focused on putting their plans together around the cloud – now stating that it’s not ‘if,’ but ‘when.’

As a consumer of cloud-based solutions, or a partner that provides them, consider the following three key resolutions as you turn the corner into 2016:

1) Stay true to your core competencies:  Whether you are a consumer of the cloud or a producer of cloud services, chances are the value you bring to your customers each and every day is not the ‘cloud’ itself, but a set of products or solutions that you grew as part of your business.  Make a resolution to not stray from that.  Don’t forget the reason why you developed your customer base in the first place – and focus your efforts on driving innovation in that area.  Of course that may absolutely be around the journey to the cloud.  But save the cloud infrastructure/performance expertise to those who have grown their business as a result of being cloud experts.

2) Lose a little ‘cloud’ weight where you can:  It’s a very common story.  Organizations try to develop their own best-in-class cloud platform over a period of time, only to discover that it took them away from what they built their business on in the first place.  The intention of cloud is to leverage or take advantage of core competencies, not to create a reason to add infrastructure and resources to build a cloud.  Would you create a ‘cabling’ practice to have connectivity in your organization?  Would you become electricians to ensure the lighting of your buildings?  Of course not.  You leverage the experts, while ensuring that your P&L stays healthy.

3) Get on a healthy cloud diet: You need a plan that guarantees results.  In the world of cloud, it’s called a Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Cloud service providers exist so that you can stay focused on your core business, while they ensure that your business is running on a high performing, best-in-class cloud – no different than moving forward with a successful diet plan. With a strong SLA in place, you can spend time growing your own business, while a top notch cloud provider runs yours.

As you take a moment to think about your critical business resolutions for 2016 – give some thought to the strategic partnerships that you can engage to drive the healthy growth of your business into the cloud.

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