Thoughts from AWS re:Invent 2015: The Future Belongs to…

I’m flying back from the AWS re:Invent Conference in Las Vegas (yes, I missed the big party) and am struck by just how quickly things have moved in the world of cloud. 

Four years ago when Concerto started, we fought to define cloud in the marketplace. A bit later, to educate. Fast-forward a bit more, and we’re spending a lot of time talking through real and perceived concerns: security, control, ROI. And now? Cloud is the new normal. It’s the preferred deployment method for most new app implementations.

(Side note: analysts have been predicting this for several years. It was predicted for 2014, 2015 and 2016. I wonder if they would have just kept predicting until it happened?)  What does it mean? I believe the things that have defined a company, and the people we hire, are about to shift significantly.

So what is the shift? The future will belong to creative and strategic thinkers. Colleges already know this.  They are starting to look at adaptive learning techniques that help cultivate creativity and ostensibly, strategic thinking. 

The Cloud will be a Playground for Creative Thinkers.

The things that have tethered us to diminished creativity are fading away.  The cloud is a platform that can be like a jungle-gym playground for creative thinkers. With heavy lifting (well, what used to be heavy lifting) out of the way with infrastructure, all it takes is a great idea – then off you go and innovate.

Will everyone come along?  Of course not. There’s an interesting behavioral pattern in elephants. Hear me out. Elephants used for domesticated and entertainment purposes are tethered to large pegs in the ground, connected to their legs. At first they’ll fight against it and test the tether.  After a period of time, however, they accept it.  The acceptance becomes so thoroughly ingrained that after a period of time, they stop trying. They just assume their current condition will never change.  You can tether the elephant with a piece of yarn, or eventually nothing.  As long as they are near the peg, they won’t try to break free. 

The Tether is Off.

Think about how many invisible tethers there are amongst individuals, groups and entire organizations.  It’s time to re-evaluate how we work, how we utilize IT and how we embrace creativity. Let’s face it: creativity is what we all say we want – but is it?  Do we embrace it, or do we hear an idea and say, “It’ll never work,” or “We’ve tried that before.”

Andy Jassy, senior VP at AWS, said the cloud is about freedom during his keynote. I’m with Andy. The tether is off.  The options are endless. Where are we going next?

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