Ten years and many clouds ago:

The story of Concerto Cloud Services

When the initial idea for Concerto Cloud Services was born in 2008, it arose from one thing and one thing only – a relentless pursuit of making IT easier for customers. Remember, this was the early days, so it wasn't as simple as customers saying, "We want cloud." They told us they wanted a way to deploy their complex, mission-critical applications with more predictability and less problems. They told us they were tired of waiting months for environments to be ready. The systems that needed to be in place to support these applications were taxing their already overburdened IT groups, and they wanted help.

After scores of internal design sessions, conversations with customers and market research, we came to the realization that IT departments and executives wanted a single solution for their deployments.  They didn't want pieces of the problem solved – they wanted us to solve the whole thing. It was from these roots that our fully managed, application-centric Concerto Cloud was launched in 2011.

Cloud will transform the world

We knew we were early in the cloud game. In fact, people were still debating if cloud would really catch on. But we never doubted it for a minute. The model makes far too much sense and turns the old adage in IT – “Better, Faster, Cheaper: pick two”  – on its ear. Cloud gives you all three. While most cloud companies were driven only by infrastructure concerns, we consistently focused on the application – what the IT group and company executives really need up and running anyway. Coming from Tribridge, one of the most decorated business application tech companies in the world – well, that pedigree can't come close to being matched by anyone. It's just in our DNA.

We asked what if.

What if we could build the cloud of clouds? What if we could offer the ideal experience? Build a platform with the best possible infrastructure: a single-tenant environment delivering killer performance without compromise, world-class security and upgrades when customers want them. A cloud tough enough to ensure compliance right down to the application layer. No-limit customizations and integrations. There’s a term we think best fits our approach. It’s called multi-cloud.

We like to put data and compute in the most efficient and optimal cloud that works for the customer – rather than making the customer work for the cloud. Is that easy? No, it takes some doing. But staying true to our heritage, we’ve built the tools and systems that not only make it possible – but expected. We relentlessly pursue better. Manically demand quality.

Our remarkable journey

Ten years later, we’ve helped hundreds of organizations across industries in both the public and private sectors realize their potential through a best-in-class cloud. Along the way, we’ve the earned accolades from our industry, respect from our customers, greater market share through our unrivaled partner network, and strength through our partnerships with giants like Microsoft, Cisco and AWS.

Concerto Cloud Services today

We are a top-20 cloud services provider with the vision to be the best, without compromising our values. We continue to drive innovation and expand disruptive technologies. We work with our customers and partners to help them digitally transform. And, above all, we strive to deliver nothing short of the best possible experience. Want to know one of the things we're most proud of? We've been named one of the coolest cloud companies on the planet and a Great Place to Work®. You get there by developing a great team. You get there by never taking your foot off the gas pedal and by driving a high-octane environment. That's us. Thank you for checking us out.



Top Microsoft Dynamics & Platform Partner for 10 Years

Our Mission: to become a best-in-class cloud provider

Our POV: Complex Apps Belong in a Private Cloud


Building the Cloud Infrastructure


Formal Launch of Concerto Cloud Services


Offering end-to-end ERP, CRM and platform solutions across multiple software publishers in a private cloud


2013 Concerto selected as Microsoft US ISV Partner of the Year for Cloud Solutions


Concerto Cloud Services becomes a separate business unit of Tribridge

Formal launch of Channel Partner Program


Concerto ranks in the world’s Top 100 Cloud Services Providers in Penton’s fifth-annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 Report

Established Hybrid model with Direct Connect to Azure & AWS

Concerto attains Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) & Microsoft Cloud OS Network (COSN)


Concerto Certified Cisco Powered Cloud and Managed Services

Concerto ranks in top 20 of Penton’s sixth-annual Talkin’ Cloud 100 Report


Officially designated a Great Place to Work®

Named Top 100 Coolest Cloud Vendor by CRN®